MENÙ costa paradiso

Lunch break

la nostra pausa pranzo, da asporto

Salad with buffalo mozzarella and anchovies ••• 4,7,10

10 €
misticanza, mozzarella di bufala, acciughe, vinaigrette all'aceto balsamico

Salad with chicken, almonds and lemon ••• 8,10

10 €
mixed salad, grilled chicken, almonds, citronette

Grains sald

9 €
daily grain or cous-cous salad

Focaccia farcita

6 €
ask us for the daily fillings

Toast ••• 1,7

4 €
ham and casizolu cheese

The ingredients marked with an asterisk could be subjected to a rapid temperature reduction and storage at -18 ºC in order to further guarantee the quality of the raw material, as defined by the HACCP plan (Reg. CE 852/04 and Reg. CE 853/04.)
The ingredients marked with two asterisks (**) could be frozen.
Numbers next to the dishes indicate the presence of food allergenes (Reg 1169/2011 UE).
Please make us aware of any food intolerance when making your order.